Tools & Support

Many of these links are to sites that I used when I was first diagnosed. These are useful tools for learning about IBD and for finding out what your best method of treatment will be.

  • – A place to track your meds, symptoms, diet, and make notes for easy printing and stats to discuss with your doctor(s). There is also a phone app for this tool.
  • – This forum helped me when I was first diagnosed. Those who are in remission or are doing well with their illness are under-represented here. Mainly because they likely don’t need to be on much anymore. Just be forewarned.
  • CCFApartners.orgB – IBD Patients and researchers via CCFA.
  • – A patient powered research network currently focused on Crohn’s and Colitis. Free to join and can be linked to your CCFA partners account.
  • SCDers.comB – A site that brings together everyone who follows the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, including their Caregivers and Supporters. Coming together as one will help mobilize the medical establishment to recognize SCD as a treatment for GI issues and many other medical issues.
  • RequestATest.comB – I have personally used this when I had a former GI doctor refuse to do a stool test on me (before I switched). This is a legitimate site. You can also get tested for heavy metals (RBC element) and candida overgrowth (Candida IgG, IgE, & IgA).
  • -B Many useful tests for various purposes as related to overall health and wellness, IBD, and food sensitivities. The MTHFR test as well as fecal pathogens and other interesting tests are available through this site. I cannot verify it’s legitimacy at this time.
  • -B EWG’s tap water database searchable by zip code. You can see how your water ranks with detailed information regarding contaminants found and what the utility company is doing or not doing about it.
  • HealthwellFoundation.orgB – “When health insurance is not enough, HealthWell fills the gap. We help patients living with chronic and life-altering illnesses pay their share of prescription drug copayments, deductibles, and health insurance premiums. By reducing this financial stress, the people we serve can focus on whatb s most importantb their health.”


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