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I am currently on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). From a scientific perspective, this diet is what I believe will heal my body. Any older recipes on here that include oats are part of an alternative diet based on SCD called IBD-AID developed by the University of Massachusetts.

Some people will eventually heal on SCD to the point where they will be able to tolerate “illegals” such as a grain or a sugar that the diet initially forbids. For now, I am back to strict SCD. Perhaps one day I will introduce something like oats back into my diet. Perhaps not.

Often I am asked if I miss things like ordering a pizza, a soft pretzel, some ice cream, and other items that are pre-made and otherwise delicious/convenient. My answer is that I can find a way to replicate those items for myself using legal items should I need to. Additionally, it is hard for me to miss something that is killing me from the inside. Why would I invite something into my life that destroys me? The way I see it, those foods are my enemy and I have no room for them as they exist. If I want pizza, I will adapt to a pizza that is made with food that I can tolerate.

Quality of life is everything.

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