Diet Cards

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I’ve made these for myself and wanted to share them with others who may find them convenient. These will ship USPS First Class Mail in a bubble envelope. Each order (quantity: 1) contains 50 cards.

The cards will not come with the copyright watermark on them. These are standard sized business cards. The front is glossy and the back is matte. The back has space for you to write down a request off the menu, the ingredients of a simple meal, the web address to your favorite recipe or information site, or any other purpose you see fit.

These are supposed to be handy compact reference cards for eating out at restaurants, traveling, or for when friends and family want to cook for you (but aren’t really sure of your needs). All money is recycled into production and shipping costs. Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions.

These are set up through USPS with shipping in the US only, but I also have a contact in Canada who can ship within Canada. Just reach out if this is of interest.

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Credit goes to all of the BTVC SCD Community FB Group members who collectively helped design these!

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