The FDA’s War on Nicotine

In a press release on 7/28/17, the FDA continued to demonize nicotine as a product requiring their immediate attention and regulatory action. This is despite research into the positive effects the chemical has on both cognitive andB physiological functions of the human body. I personally question anything and everything the FDA does because they’re certainly not here to protect us. If they were, we’d have food labeling and processing laws in place that prevented us from eating chemicals and hidden ingredients which I believe attribute to the rise in autoimmune disorders.B The National Institutes of Health estimates over 23 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease, and that number is increasing every year [credit]. Factors such as genetics, the environment, infections, and the gut microbiota all play a role in the mediation of autoimmune disorders [credit].

The FDA targets e-cigs and vape juice in their latest war-on-products-they-want-to-tax. These products don’t contain tobacco, which is the beast they originally set out to slay, yet they are somehow now a point of interest to the administration. Odd? Probably not if you consider the FDA to be just like any other government entity. They have basically targeted nicotine as an addictive substance and the users of nicotine products as addicts that need their intervention and governance. Yes, nicotine is addictive. So is alcohol, sugar, and caffeine.

With the FDA’s new rule, which they plan to implement in August of 2018, producers of vaping juice will have to embark on expensive research endeavors in order to win the coveted approval of the FDA. This will likely cause many manufacturers to cease business and leave tons of consumers without the products they have come to enjoy.

Nicotine has yet to be deemed a carcinogen and actually has some medical benefits that we are still discovering. “When examined separately from smoking, is thought to be an excellent and safe brain enhancer. It boosts brain function in healthy adults and in those with mental health problems. It shows promise in treating brain disorders including ADHD, depression, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s [credit].” I’ve also written about using nicotine to treat ulcerative colitis in former smokers as well as some information regarding the safety of vaping.

So, why are you lumping nicotine in with tobacco, FDA? Why are you demonizing a chemical that is very similar to caffeine? Whose purse are you digging your grubby fingers into looking for a few dollars? Oh, probably the unregulated e-cig community of entrepreneurs helping people stay or get off the tobacco that we already know is awful for us. Let’s not forget the consumers who will be the real victims when their favorite products no longer exist.

The consumers are always your victim. Isn’t that why you feed them garbage mixed with chemicals loaded with disease-causing sugar? That’s alright, though, because there’s probably tons of greatB FDA-approved drugs we can take.

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