GI Follow-Up Appointment Results 8/4

This morning I had my second follow-up appointment since being released from my hospital stay at the end of May. I am 3 weeks off of prednisone and feeling pretty good.

I had bloodwork on 07/26/17 and all of my results are in normal ranges. My vitamin d is up around 57-58. My c-reactive protein is 3.1. And, my doctor confirmed that I can actually allow myself to feel good about my status.

I explained that I had been hesitant to be confident about how well I am feeling because I wasn’t sure if it was a lingering effect of the prednisone. Not the case. In fact, she said that should I continue this way, at my appointment next month they will schedule me for a sig scope to confirm healing of the mucousa.

As far as my doctors know right now, I am on mesalamine and a PPI. (We’re actually going to be getting me off the PPI now). I take some supplements and I exercise. I follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. They do not know about my nicotine experimentation.

I figure that should all go according to the plan I have laid out for myself in a previous post, I will eventually wean off the nicotine as well. It’s certainly better than biologics at the moment.

I just hit up Trader Joe’s for the first time and scored free bananas from BJs, so I have a lot of baking to get to. I’ll be in touch soon. Thanks for reading!


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