I Finally Met My New IBD Specialist

The first time I met my newly selected GI/IBD Specialist was back at the end of May when I was immediately admitted to the hospital. I had this July 3rd appointment scheduled since the end of April, but I needed an emergency appointment in May that the office was able to accommodate. I’d only met my new GI for a matter of five minutes where she told me I would be admitted to the hospital.

I designed an excel workbook back in May for tracking diet, symptoms, exercise, medications, supplements, and other related information because I had grown tired of writing everything in a little notebook – which the hospital doctors found very helpful. So, of course I went to my appointment toting some charts…

My doctor spent the time answering my sheet filled of questions and going over some options for me with regard to treatments. I asked her if we can try to see if my current medications or similar medication combined with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and supplements would be enough to keep me off of anti-TNFs/biologics. I explained that my main concern was my health and safety, but that I just need to see for myself if I can do this as least-harmfully as possible. She reluctantly agreed.

Her reluctance was based on the severity of my UC and the failure of previous patients to find remission with SCD alone as opposed to in combination with medication(s). She prescribed a treatment plan that includes my current Lialda with the replacement of Canasa with Rowasa (unless I am traveling in which case I can use the Canasa) as well as the addition of curcumin (3g) and a probiotic. I thought that alone was pretty progressive.

We did agree that I would immediately call upon any symptoms returning or worsening and that the biologic of choice for me will be Remicade.

I’m about two and a half weeks from being off prednisone and I am not going to lie; I am scared. But, I am diving head first into SCD and staying dedicated to the hope that I can attain remission with the least damaging of medications as possible. I have even ordered cards for eating out or for when someone asks me what I can and cannot eat. Here’s to hoping for the best!



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