Post-HUP Follow-Up

Today was my follow-up appointment at HUP after being released from the hospital on May 26th. We’re probably going to be moving to biologics. The doctor that I’ve been seeing mentioned Humira or Remicade, but I asked about Entyvio. There’s some issue with insurance regarding the process to get covered for Entyvio, but HUP may still be recruiting for a clinical study and I may be able to get in on that.

For some reason my instincts lead me to Entyvio. I was assured that I can have a healthy and possibly natural pregnancy and birth and can even breastfeed on this medication. The doctor mentioned that some studies are actually popping up indicating that babies of Entyvio mom’s are showing increased rates of intelligence. Right up my alley!

So, the official diagnosis at this point is Severe Extensive Colitis which is why we are moving towards biologics. I’m actually excited to have a team of IBD specialists that are research-infused, open-minded, knowledgeable, and really take the time with me to educate and make me feel safe in their hands. I will be meeting the lead doctor – the one I chose based on her resume – in July where we will discuss a bunch of otherB important things and see where I am headed for my treatment plan.


My primary doctor is seriously the best. Today I was also able to get my routine UC blood-work back from her office which was really revealing. My Vitamin D is low (26.4)B and myB Lymphocytes are high (4.1) which is not uncommon with UC. I’m staring on the following supplements: Vitamin D3 @ 5000 IU 1x/D, Magnesium Glycinate @ 150 mg 2x/D, and Vitamin K2 @ 100 mcg 1x/D.

As part of my new gym membership, I took advantage of a chiropractic visit this afternoon and it was great. Once of the areas he realigned is an area associated with the large intestine. Fingers crossed that helped something, haha. I will definitely be going back regularly.

Finally, I concluded my productive ass day with a haircut. I cut and color my own hair and I’ve been tossing around the idea of going shorter for awhile. These are the styles I am entertaining at the moment. I like the two on the right the most. I just cut it a little below shoulder length to try it out for the time being. Top right may look the best on me. What do you think?


Oh, and my medical alert bracelet from amazon finally arrived. I love it. Much better than the one I returned. I did keep the ID tag from Lauren’s Hope, though. You can see my review here.







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