Lauren’s Hope Medical ID (Review)


Re:B Peyton Medical ID Bracelet, Item: A628

I’m going to keep this one brief. I ordered the Peyton leather interchangeable bracelet and one of the rose gold stainless steel medical ID tags. It cost me about $60 between the item itself and shipping. I was so excited for this bracelet.

Preface: I used to make jewelry. Nothing special, but I am familiar with product quality and workmanship.

When the bracelet came, I was excited to start wearing it. That excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I discovered that it was nearly impossible to get this thing on and off. It mainly came down to the stiffness of the bracelet portion, the extra space making it awkward, and the lack of care that went into the ease of the design.

Aside from trying for 20 minutes to get this thing on unsuccessfully, it felt like plastic. It also looked rather cheap. With the assistance of my boyfriend, I was able to get the thing on. Only to hate it more.


I measured my wrist snuggly and I am 7 inches around. The tag is about 1.5 inches. They said they would size it comfortably. It was an entire inch larger than my wrist which made it sit mid-forearm. I don’t find this comfortable.

I’m returning the peyton bracelet (I have to pay shipping) and getting a refund. I’ve since ordered a rose gold, stainless steel, water-safe, cheaper, snugger bracelet component. In the meantime, I’m wearing the tag on my neck since I do enjoy working out and wanted the tag for safety reasons.


While I was not a fan of this particular item, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t entertain giving them another shot. Some of their jewelry is really pretty and I think that if you take my review into consideration, it may just make your experience more pleasant.


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